• Security Monitoring

    Security Monitoring

    As the quantity of security access signal and screen signal is numerous, and resolution is restricted by display area, especially compared with digital high ...

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  • Video Conference

    Video Conference

    With the popularity and development of the network and image technology, the application of video conference system has been developed into a variety of network-based interactive vi…

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  • Control Room

    Control Room

    Narrow pixel pitch LED screen display system is responsible for multifunctional and comprehensive applications.

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  • Broadcast


    Television and broadcast industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in terms of information technology, and its typical feature is the application of quantities of digital si…

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  • Professional Lighting Application

    Professional Lighting Appli…

    Adhering to its mission of “to create value for customer is the source of Unilumin’s continuous development and contribution to creating green environment”, Unilumin provides cus…

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  • Landscape lighting

    Landscape lighting

    Reinventing light culture with technology and design.

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News Center

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